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(purveyors of handblended organic aromatherapy products since 1990)

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The Animal/Pet Aroma Remedies

This has evolved over 28 years as more owners look for kinder more natural ways of assisting healing for their beloved dogs, cats, horses and family pets. We not only have remedies to assist with most common ailments, Arthritis, post operation scarring, chapped pads, noses, cuts and wounds plus bed cleansing, including skin and coat health but also to ease the symptoms of Allergies, Asthma, Eczema and Dermatitis.

Taking into account that many of these conditions are stress related we incorporate a calming influence into many of our products.


Aromatherapy Remedies

Bath, massage oils, creams and remedies for the most common ailments, bringing age old remedies back into the home, calming the mind and healing with natural kindness. All handblended using nut free oils and purely organic ingredients with no animal testing, combination bath and massage oils with a 5% Essential oil ratio to ensure rich and deep therapeutic effects without skin irritation.

For those that require a more specific blend than within the general range personal blends are available,
please contact us for a consultation.

Remedy range  

Organic Aromatherapy Beauty Collection

bringing age old beauty secrets back into the home to stir
the senses, being kind to your skin so it will be kind to you in return. Beautifully fragranced cleansers, toners, natural clay masks, moisturisers and replenishing creams to give your skin all the natural nutrients it needs to be the best it can be.

Our Beauty Collection is free from synthetics, colourants, using natural oils, organic ingredients and plant extracts
not only for the vital nutrients but also for the beautifully gentle fragrances that give our senses that long awaited
daily boost.


Need advice or assistance in choosing the right product for you or to order personalised product gift baskets please contact us.

Personalised blending service for your individual needs is available on request...email: info@apothecary.company :-)
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